Event Agenda's


  • Closing the Finance Fiscal Year
  • Preparing for the Audit
  • Financial Reporting for the End of the Finance Fiscal Year
  • Check Reconciliation


  • Creating New Contracts for the New Fiscal Year
  • Mass Changing the Deductions and Benefits
  • Changing the Description of the Deduction or Benefits
  • Awarding of Days for the New Year Fiscal Year
  • Basic Tips and Tricks of Making the System Work more Efficiently
  • Any new Items from Programming

Navigating the brand NEW SDS Website

  • Resources Online
  • Help Counsel
  • Support (Submitting an X-Connect)


  • Online Courses
    • Course packages
  • Crystal Report Training
  • System Training
  • Order Checks and/or Envelopes
  • New User Boot Camp
    • Register for Monthly Live Webinars
    • View previous Agendas and list to the recordings
  • Touch Base Tuesday
    • Register for Bi-Monthly Live Webinars
    • View previous Agendas and listen to the recordings

Menu Selections

  • Menu Left, Top and Folders
  • Remembering the User ID
  • Remember Last Selected

Approval Process

  • Setting up Approvers
    • Accounts Payable
    • Purchase Order Request
    • Attendance (Sick, PL, Vac)
    • Expense Reimbursement


Green Accounting

  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Cash Receipts
  • Journal Entries
  • Time Cards
  • Vendor Documents
  • Employee Documents

Accounts Payable

  • Fixed Asset
  • Other Fields
  • P Card
  • Re-Classification

State Reports

  • Illinois
  • Michigan
  • Colorado

Customizable Reports

  • Preset Reports

Financial Month and Auditor Control

  • Soft and Audit Data Entry Control Setting
  • Change Activity Entry Dates
  • Un-Lock Permanent Entries


  • Cash Receipts
  • Accounts Payable

Teachers Retirement System (IL)

Control Center

  • System Adjustments
    • Change Month/Year Flag
    • Combine Customers/Vendors
    • Combine Employees

Tips and Tricks

  • Preset Payroll Reports
  • Master Code Field Definition
  • System Adjustments

2020 Enhancements

  • Horizontal Screen
  • Payroll Liability or Expense Clearing Account