Online Course – W-2 Reporting Release Date

The following is an example of what the W-2 Reporting Course will cover:

*Please note their is a Live Q & A call on 12/19/19 from 9:00 – 10:00 CT included in the course as well.

*This outline is from our 2018 course. There may be small modifications to meet 2019 requirements and steps.

Items to Review before Producing W2’s

  • STEP ONE – Box 12 and Box 14 Setup
  • STEP TWO – Third Party Sick Pay Setup
  • STEP THREE – Employee Year to Date Adjustments
    • How to turn on the Employee YTD Adjustment Option:
    • Making Employee YTD Adjustments
    • What happens in the system when an Employee’s Year to Date is adjusted
  • STEP FOUR – W2 Email Setup
    • Enter Server and Return Email Address Information
    • Enter Server Name or IP Address
    • Enter Email Information for the person sending W2s by Email
    • Enter Email Information for all Employees who are receiving W2s by Email
    • Setting up the Verification to allow W2’s to be emailed to the Employee
    • To Activate the W2 email option in SDS Web Settings

W2 Production

  • Sending the W2’s via Email
  • Magnetic Media and Electronic Filing to the Federal Government
  • Magnetic Media and Electronic Filing to the State
  • Where the W2 Data Comes from in SDS
  • Here is a Quick recap of the Steps Needed to Process W2’s

How to Correct W2’s
Running the First Payroll for 2020


Dec 03 2019


9:00 am


$98/person or Online Course Package Options

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