Online Course – New Check Reconciliation Release Date

This Check Reconciliation Process Using Statement Date will cover the following:

  • Display View
  • Sort list by
  • Clearing Checks, Deposits or Journal Entries
    • Option 1: Clearing items one at a time
    • Option 2: Clearing items using the Check / Un-Check All
    • Option 3: Clearing items by Range
  • Un-Clearing Checks, Deposits or Journal Entries
  • Importing Cleared Checks
  • Setup/Adjustment Options
  • Move from one group to another
  • Delete items checked for deletion
  • Activate Export Option (Positive Pay)
  • How to edit an item in the check reconciliation area
  • Verifying the amounts that are outstanding and cleared
  • Printing Reports to verify the information
  • Creating a Cash Report for Bank Reconciliation


May 09 2019


9:00 am


$98/person or Online Course Package Options

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