New User Boot Camp

Below is what we will be covering and in a rolling agenda format.  We will cover as much content within the time frame.We will then continue where we left off on the next New User Boot Camp. If you would like a topic covered, please let us know on the call and we will add to the rolling agenda for future Boot Camps.

  • Navigating the SDS Website
    • Top Menu, Side Menu and Folders
    • Resources Online
    • Help Counsel
    • Support (Submitting an X-Connect)
    • Services
      • Brand NEW SDS University
      • Crystal Report Training
      • System Training
      • Order Checks and/or Envelopes
  • Touch Base Tuesday
    • Register for Bi-Monthly Live Webinars
    • View previous Agendas and listen to the recordings
       Check Reconciliation
       Attendance 101

      • Attendance Codes
      • Attendance Category
      • Setting up Acct Group Default to pay subs
      • Entering Employee Absence without a Substitute Time Card
      • Entering Employee Absence and Creating a Time Card for the Substitute
      • Editing/Deleting and Attendance Entry
        • Verifying and Printing Employee Attendance Reports
  • AESOP Processing
    • Setup and processing rules related to the Aesop and SDS data interface
    • Transferring Payroll and Attendance information from Aesop
  • Gross Pay Entry and Adjustments
    • Gross Pay entries for the Substitute from Aesop and Attendance Entry
    • Add Pay
    • Edit Pay
    • Who Options
  • Request Center
    • Attendance and Leave
    • Request Center (cont.)
      • Expense Reimbursement
  • Budget amendment and the State Budget Form
  • Creating New Contracts for the new Fiscal Year
  • Use of Benefit Distribution
  • Re-classification of Benefit Distribution (in case they had items not distribute correctly in their first payrolls)
  • Benefit Distribution only for Summer if no gross wages are paid
  • How to Shut off TRS for Summer
  • How to Void a Check
  • Adding New Account Numbers


Jun 27 2019


9:00 am - 11:00 pm




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