My name is Lorie Dorsey and I started with SDS in 1999. I was a client at first with SDS in 1997 before I started working for them. I work on the Student side of Web School Office. The staff here is fantastic to work with and that’s why we are all teammates, we are really dedicated to our clients. I really like working with all the clients and helping them solve their situation. I enjoy the state reports and getting really involved with the clients during this time. Each state is very different and I love the challenge of working between the states and helping the clients.

I love football and my Dallas Cowboys. My favorite hobby is cooking. I love trying out new recipes and even old ones on my friends. I like to entertain also. I live in the most amazing neighborhood of 8 houses on a cul-de-sac. We are always getting together at each other’s houses or going out.