Let's just say I've worked for SDS my whole life. My father started the company before I was born. I grew up stuffing envelopes when big mailings went out to our clients, calling clients for feedback when I was on summer break from Colorado State University, filing papers, organizing diskettes, making sure dad had his ham sandwich to keep the head programmer fueled and making sure Snoopy (our dog) didn't eat dad's new laptop when they first came out. I've seen SDS go from DOS, to Windows (where users needed to learn how to use a mouse), to Web based.

I received my first desk at SDS after graduating college in 2002 and dove right into customizing clients payroll checks, report cards and grew into a SDS Crystal Reports developer and trainer. From there I took on web design, documentation, you name it, I became the go to person. I enjoy designing custom reports users want to see for their school/district, parents, teachers or for themselves. Users and the support team know I'm especially particular about the layout, colors and alignment of everything once we get the data to meet your needs.

When I'm away from my computer I enjoy walking my dogs, competing in fitness activities, remodeling, decorating, designing, taking photos of animals/people/landscapes and shopping of course!

I hope someday I get to meet, talk or work with you. We have a great company with staff members that have been with us for many years and some fresh blood that have been in your seat for many years. Thank you for checking out our bio's.  If you have any questions please click on contact us, we're here to help!

We have a lot of new exciting projects in the future that I get to be a large part of and can't wait to share them all with you!