Student Administrative System

Web School Office

The SDS Student Administrative System, Web School Office is a dynamic, browser-based solution for your administrative, teacher, parent needs for public, private or charter schools.  The system can be accessed from any device with access to a browser over the Internet.

That means you can work from your Windows or Apple workstation.  Access your information from a tablet, iPad, or phone.  As long as you have access to Internet, you have access to your SDS data and its capabilities. It allows you to have a paperless office, transfer documents electronically, and work from any location.

You do not need a special piece of software installed on your device to gain access to your SDS system. You do not need to download anything.  Simply enter the URL for your SDS site in a browser, login and start to work.

With the purchase of Web School Office you receive Teacher Connect (i.e. Attendance, Homework, Grade Book Entry...) and Parent Connect (i.e. Register for NY Courses, check grades, view homework...) included with NO additional charge. This helps streamline your data and saves you A LOT of extra cost!

Below are a few of Web School Office's capabilities.  Click on the different capabilities below to learn more!

  • Each student can be accessed, update and reported over the Internet or over your districts Intranet
  • Full security is in force so that only the students assigned to the specific location are shown.
  • With a simple change of location in the demographic records, a student can be instantly transferred, with all pertinent information, to the new school location.
  • Simple, Powerful, and Complete! A centralized database will enable each stakeholder to instantaneously access timely and accurate data.

  • Look up your SDS records over the Web from anywhere
  • Simple drop downs allows each person to quickly set their individual view
  • Detail viewing screens will provided you with the ability to see details about individual students
  • Schools can setup users to only be able to Look & Browse if you choose
  • Browser based reporting with over 300 + administrative reports, SDS reports can be customized as well at your schools request
  • Each report can be sorted and sequenced in hundreds of ways to meet your specific requirements
  • The SDS reports are not simply data being exported to a 3rd party software product (i.e. PDF files, Excel, Word), but rather a complete report generator in itself
  • Reporting access can be provided to ALL your staff without having additional software
  • SDS allows you to bring your office reporting to any computer that can access your web page
  • SDS has easy and fast electronic storage and retrieval of documents, photos, previous school transcripts, IEP, Award... per student/s, there's no need to search filing cabinets for that important documents when your users store it in your SDS system
  • This feature saves your users time in digging through files and keeps your school/district very organized and efficient
  • State SIS reporting is completed easily through SDS
  • These reports are instantly updated from your SDS Student System and placed in the proper format for your State
  • Even changes to your State Reporting fields are accomplished with a simple download from SDS. Then, the new fields are added to your SIS reporting
  • By SDS Web School Office being web based and in a central database also helps to make your State SIS reporting quick and accurate for your whole district
  • Track and analyze the progress of your students’ test results from year to year
  • With the unique analysis capabilities, you will be able to sort and sequence your analysis by Discipline Codes, Attendance records, grades or any other data within SDS
  • This program is the simply analytic connection between your standardized test scores, curriculum and school improvement.
  • When new scores arrive, you simply put in the CD or access the file over the Internet and select import. The SDS system automatically imports the new data
  • Period by Period Attendance or Daily Attendance can be entered over the WEB by your office staff or from the classroom
  • When the attendance information is entered by the office, the record is immediately reflected on each teacher’s attendance screen
  • Late Arrival and Early Dismissal are handled with ease (i.e. for those districts tracking minutes of enrollment, all your records are instantly updated and calculated)
  • The system also includes the mass changing of entered attendance codes and text descriptions, as well as the Mass Assignment of Attendance to a particular class of students
  • Create your schedules from any location where you can access the WEB
  • Scheduling process is done on the web server for optimum speed
  • SDS’s Scheduling has suddenly become responsive to you, sort and sequence groups for optimal results
  • Register students over the WEB from home or in school
  • Included is an Elementary School scheduler, so that your Elementary teachers will have their SDS Grade Book automatically setup
  • Your teachers can enter their daily grades from their classroom or from their home
  • Standards based grading is supported
  • Browser based, no additional software needs to be installed on the teachers’ computer
  • Coupled with the Parent Connect program, your parents can review their students’ daily grades at their home or office
  • The unique SDS Link option enables your teachers to enter information in one grade book, like homework assignments, and it will automatically populate the linked grade books
  • Your teachers simply enter their numeric grades and the system automatically calculates the letter grade no additional calculations needed
  • Homework assignments that are entered in the teachers’ grade book are shown on the parent/student page
  • Objectives and standards can also be attached
  • Of course, multiple homework assignments from different classes are shown in the same easily identified area
  • Informational Links, from teacher, are available – includes the inclusion of “White Board” files
  • With Parent Connect parents can stay updated with their students records, grades, homework assignments, teachers, tuition statements, registration, school rules, events...
  • Parent Connect allows parents to register their student for classes for next year
  • With complete password security, your parents, teachers, administrators can access student information over the Internet
  • Our system keeps track of when parents access Parent Connect as well
  • SDS provides a simple means to communicate with your staff by providing a tool to message each other through the SDS system
  • You can send messages, attach documents/files to the message
  • The recipient can reply in the system just as you would do with an email
  • This program is ALL SDS and does not rely on an email program
  • A Alert Message Bar will automatically appears when a message is ready to be read by the recipient. After the message is handled, the alert is removed automatically.
  • In the system you can click on the video camera button and  gain access to a video tutorial that will take you through the entire process they are trying to complete
  • You can pause the video and come back to it
  • Online tutorials along with online documentation makes Web School Office user friendly and more importantly makes your job easier