Customer Support

Customer Support Team

Our highly regarded support team is located all around the US. Most of the team has worked in schools and has been in your seat. They are here to help you to get your job done efficiently with the power of SDS.

Customer Support System

Our support system allows SDS users to create a login, submit cases, choose a staff member, choose to be called/emails, if your case is urgent, access documentation, review prior cases submitted and much more.  Our office hours are 7:30 - 4:00 CT, have a question after 4:00 we do have an emergency line just in case anything comes up that's an emergency we are accessible to our users.

To access our support system X-Connect please visit  This system is only for SDS users.  Once you sign up our office with connect you with your district so you have full access to our support system.  If you have any questions on logging in or getting setup please call 800-323-1605.

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