Crystal Report Training

What is SDS Crystal Report Training?

This training is designed to improve your ability to both modify existing reports and create new reports for your SDS system.  Unlock the power of custom reporting by creating new reports specific to your SDS database in Crystal Reports.  Whether you are a beginning or advanced user this training will expand your reporting capabilities and save you time. SDS users can take advantage of our Crystal Report webinar/online training to further expand the power of financial and student reporting. Crystal Reports is a separate software from SDS that must be purchased in order to customize SDS reports (You can purchase it at and any version above CR 9 Professional or above).  It does not need to be purchase before the training or needed for the training however it is suggested so once you are done with the training you can start customizing and creating SDS reports right away.  If you have any questions about the training please email .

What’s included?

Training manual that has instructions for everything covered in the training and to use as a reference for creating reports on your own.  In addition you will receive two self paced online courses on Financial Reporting and Payroll Customizable Reporting.

Who will be training you?

Jennifer Litz on our staff will be training you.  She has been training SDS clients on Crystal Reports for 15 years now and is the SDS Crystal Reports expert.

What will I learn?

Below is a basic outline of the SDS Report Training for Student or Finance SDS Systems.

Getting Started

In getting started you will learn some basic settings that need to be changed for creating SDS Reports and how to convert custom reports you may have from previous SDS systems to your new SDS system.

  • Default Settings
  • Convert Custom Reports from Previous SDS System to Current SDS System
  • Open Custom Report
  • Setting Datasource Location
  • Table Verification
  • Set Location Same as Report
  • Linking
  • Replace the old report name with file path and name.
  • Save Custom Report

Keys to Reporting in SDS

This section kicks off the training with showing you SDS Reporting capabilities and will provided you with knowledge of the Crystal Reports Viewer and the SDS database. By the end of the section you will have an understanding how Crystal Reports works together with SDS Reporting.

  • Introduction to Report Production
  • What is Crystal Reports?
  • Reporting Capabilities in SDS
  • Standard Reports, Quick/Flash Reporting
  • Quick View of a SDS Standard Report
  • Steps to creating a Basic Customization
  • Steps before Creating a Report
  • Becoming Familiar with your SDS Database
  • Hints to making Reporting Simple

How to Generate a New SDS Report

In this section you will learn how to add your SDS database to a report and how to setup a report by adding fields, text etc. to complete your report. This process will give you an idea of how a report is created and what steps you need to take to create your own reports.

  • Create a Blank SDS Report
  • Customize a SDS Standard Report
  • You will learn how to open up a SDS standard report, modify it, save it and run it through SDS.
  • How to Customize a Standard SDS Report
  • What to think about before Customizing a Report
  • Hands on Exercise


In this section you will learn more advanced features to apply to your already created SDS Report.

  • Grouping and Section Expert
  • Linking
  • Formula Creation
  • Total/Count Fields
  • Parameter Field (How to add Date Ranges to a report)

When & Where are the training's?

Below are the dates you can register for if you are a SDS WEB System (Web Financial Office (Finance) or Web School Office (Student).  If you are still on V8 or one of the below dates does not work with your schedule you can request a training by emailing .  The training is on the web, so there is no travel cost.  We will still have interactive discussions because we keep these training's small so we can cover everyone’s questions during the webinar.


The cost is $495/person (1/3 the cost of a normal Crystal Reports Training) or for special group rates, including conferencing the call in please email .

Register Today!

  • Please enter the number of attendees from your school that will be participating.
  • Click in the checkbox next to the LIVE training you would like to attend. Once you are registered you will receive two self paced courses (Financial Reporting and How to Opt Payroll and Customizable Reports), these are additional courses for you to learn SDS Reporting. You will learn Crystal Reporting only during the LIVE training. We will record the live training for your future viewing as well.
  • Does your school have Crystal Reports or plan on purchasing it? You do not need it for the training, but you will need it afterwards, so you can use what you learned.
  • Checking the below box means that you understand this training, covers Crystal Reports with SDS reports. Crystal Reports is a separate software from SDS, you must purchase to customize SDS reports. You do not need it before the training. The cost of this training is $495/attendee. If you have any questions at all please email


If you have any questions about the training or group rates please email .  For billing questions please email .