System Hosting

System Hosting Service

The SDS servers are located in a secure area within the AT&T Data Center just a few minutes from our office.  This AT&T data center is one of their 38 data centers in the world and has a 99.99% up time availability.  The data center provides dual-rail connectivity to the AT&T backbone, and has diesel generators in case of power failure.  Physical access to the servers is highly restricted:  Access to the SDS servers requires approval by the SDS security team.  In and out access is logged at AT&T at two separate security stations.  Each person is required to have their palm print and a PIN number on file at AT&T. These are used to gain access to their data center.  There is also a unique combination on the server cabinet housing the SDS servers.

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Our backup procedures automatically occur each night.  Three redundant backups are created.  Two of the backups are maintained at the AT&T data center and one offsite at the SDS main office. In case of server failure, we have multiple servers that can be used to restore client data, so any processing interruption would be minimized.

Secured Socket Layer (SSL) Service

SDS hosted sites have an SSL certificate applied to their site.  The SDS Hosting Service utilizes Norton Security powered by Symantec for its SSL certificate.  Please visit  for additional information. sdshosting