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  • If your school hasn't ordered checks from SDS before please upload an example of what you would like your checks to look like or fax to 630-955-1599.
  • If your school hasn't ordered checks from SDS before please upload the mascot/image you would like to appear on your checks.
  • (Minimum Order is 500) $0.60 per check for minimum order of 500, $0.30 per check for order of 1,000 or more checks and first time orders there is a $60.00 plate fee.
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  • Please select your shipping method according to whether your printer feeds from the top or the bottom. There is a $25.00 charge for reverse collate.
  • We highly recommend that you have your School District name preprinted on your accounts payable check stub. Once your check face is detached from the check stub, your name is still attached. There is no additional charge for this line of print and you can choose to have your district name printed at the top/bottom stub of the check.
  • The Premier Check program will print your signature/s on your checks when you run them through SDS. If you select Yes a SDS staff member will be in contact with you to get your signatures so we can setup the program for you. If you already have Premier Checks and would like them changed there is a $65.00 change fee.
  • Please select a shipping options. *There is a $100.00 fee for Rush Shipping.
    Please read all of the above and check to accept you have read all listed items. If you have questions call 800.323.1605 x101 and ask for Sherrie Hendrickson.