We looked at a number of software systems before deciding on SDS. Coming from PeopleSoft, it has been a world of difference. Reports are so easy to generate and the entire system is very intuitive and user friendly. Having the CDE account codes preloaded has saved a ton of data entry headaches and time. We were very nervous about running payroll in house, but have found the whole process, including state and federal reporting, to be very easy. The customer service and training we have received has been incredible. We have never waited more than a few hours to receive a response to any of our questions. When we implemented SDS, there were some things that we wanted a little different and the staff went out of their way to accommodate our needs. We very highly recommend SDS!


Chelsea Crow, Business Manager, Westgate Community School, http://westgateschool.org/

I have been using the SDS system for some time now, at first I only used a small portion of what was available to me, but since we have moved to the web version it’s like a whole new world opened up.  SDS is a very user friendly system and when you do run into a bump in the road your support people are always helpful, friendly and they stick with you until the problem is solved. This past year we started using the employee portal for absence request, Kim was right there to walk us through the process, I can’t thank her enough for all the time she spent helping us. Not only do we love using it in the office but our employees like using it also. That has made me super excited and anxious to start diving into other areas of the system we have not utilized yet.

Sue Christ, Bookkeeper at River Ridge School District in Wisconsin, http://www.rrsd.k12.wi.us/

We (Terri and Pam) are from Villa Grove School in Illinois.  We have been using SDS Since 1994.  This was our first Student data base program.  One of the options we really like is the ability to customize a report with only the information we need.  Works well with SIS, state data base system.  It was easy to learn and use on a daily basis.  They also have the best customer support system.  The process is streamlined and we get a quick response.

Terri and Pam - Student Users at Villa Grove School in Illinois, http://www.vg302.org/

I love working with the SDS support staff. The professionalism and dedication of these two is to be commended.  I'm impressed with their knowledge and the ability to teach me. As far as I'm concerned they're the best! Thanks for everything!

Debra Miller, Business Manager at Liberty School District, http://www.libertyschoolj4.com/