Whenever I have an occasion to request assistance from SDS through an X-Connect, I have found the response to be very good.  My last experience was with an SDS staff member who I have talked to many times.  I was panicking since it was near year end and I needed help with which I considered  to be a major problem.  She discovered the problem within minutes and had a solution.  Within an hour she emailed me a list of accounts and the amounts that were charged to those payroll accounts.  After several journal entries everything was corrected.  We have been on the Web Version for a couple of years now.  It was very beneficial to be able to look at the same screen she was looking at and resulted in a resolution in a very timely manner.

Mike Turk, Bookkeeper at Southern Will County Coop for Special Education,

I absolutely love you guys! I submitted a question, and it almost felt like the second I clicked ‘send’, my phone was ringing. This wasn’t a one time experience, either. I know my boss has commented as well how impressed he was with the response times of SDS. We love the service you provide! I would recommend SDS to any district who contacted us.

Just because of the field I am in, I especially appreciate the service I received from an SDS support staff. The staff member has been fast, responsive, and knowledgeable. What’s even better is that the staff member doesn’t just answer my specific question, but takes the time to show me a better way to do what I am looking to do. I am always happy with the service they provide.

John Herrin, Accounts Payable Lincolnshire-Prairie View School District 103,

I began my career in payroll working in a hospital, doing calculation of time cards the old fashion way and adding People-soft software as my first program to work with. I later implemented a time and attendance system (API) with it, this was a change for me.

Now that I have more knowledge and experience from the beginning of my payroll career, I have recently transitioned from the medical field to education. WOW! What a change and wonderful challenge.

SDS and the support staff have been wonderful with my transition. I am, on a daily basis, learning more and more about the SDS software (web version) and it's capabilities. I so enjoy the detail that SDS records and implements the contract screens within payroll and Human Resources. It actually tells me where I start and any changes in wages through-out the contract will give the adjustments to me. I am able to make adjustments in the Master File Changes Horizontal screens without having to pull up each employee individually, it saves a great deal of time over vertical,single view entry screen. Another huge time saver is the mass change option for deductions and benefit codes in the Human Resources Control Center, it makes mass adding, removing and changing payroll deductions a snap! The flexibility in the quick reporting screen to allow me to get the exact detail I need at any given time are great!

Again the SDS support staff is wonderful. I have been blessed with a terrific teacher, Belinda, she takes the time to actually work with me and helps me through any questions I may encounter. When I started my new position, Belinda and I worked together frequently since the person before me was not able to stay and train me in SDS. It is so wonderful to be able to just send an email or X Connect and get the help I need almost immediately.

Thank you SDS Support for being there when I need you!!

Nanette Shepard, SEAPCO's Executive Secretary/Payroll/Insurance, http://www.seapco.org

We looked at a number of software systems before deciding on SDS. Coming from PeopleSoft, it has been a world of difference. Reports are so easy to generate and the entire system is very intuitive and user friendly. Having the CDE account codes preloaded has saved a ton of data entry headaches and time. We were very nervous about running payroll in house, but have found the whole process, including state and federal reporting, to be very easy. The customer service and training we have received has been incredible. We have never waited more than a few hours to receive a response to any of our questions. When we implemented SDS, there were some things that we wanted a little different and the staff went out of their way to accommodate our needs. We very highly recommend SDS!


Chelsea Crow, Business Manager, Westgate Community School, http://westgateschool.org/